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Another Ship in Rough Pacific Ocean Spills Containers Overboard

February 5, 2021

(Bloomberg) MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co. said it lost a limited number of empty containers in the Pacific Ocean during a voyage from the U.S. to China.

The MSC Aries was traveling from Long Beach, California, to Ningbo, China, when the containers toppled overboard during heavy weather, the company said in a statement Thursday. Preliminary reports show that no cargo went into the water, and a survey is taking place to assess whether the remaining containers on board suffered damage.

Forty-one empty containers fell from the ship around Jan. 29, according to a website notice from marine-claims consultancy W.K. Webster, which said it has nominated a surveyor to investigate the extent of damage.​

​The incident is at least the second time this year, and the third time in less than 10 weeks, that a notable number of containers have fallen into the Pacific while ships ply the busy trade lane.

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