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Biden Administration Looking to Improve Trade Relationship with China

February 9, 2021

Recent articles highlight the failure of the “trade war” with China to have a positive impact on US manufacturers, exporters and consumers. While the increased tariffs have pushed up prices the promised increase in US based manufacturing jobs has not materialized and many US manufacturers are saying that the added costs from these tariffs have negatively impacted jobs in the US. The Biden Administration seems to recognize these facts and they appear open to making changes to global trade as a whole with a particular focus on the trade between the US and China. While the US and the new Administration is facing many pressing issues it is critical that international trade is not overlooked in the coming months.

Importers who would like to see the “China tariffs” reduced or eliminated are encouraged to contact their Congressional representatives and voice their support for reducing or eliminating these additional tariffs. It seems the time may be ripe for these changes and Congress needs to hear from US companies that have been negatively impacted by the additional duties. The old saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” is oftentimes true and if enough US companies push their respective Congressional representatives the more likely this issue will come to the forefront. Importers can find out how to reach their Representatives by going to this link -

International trade is critical to the US economy and American jobs. Make sure your concerns are heard.

Steve Fodor


Trade Logic International

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