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China Exports to US Fall Almost 30%

March 11, 2020

Cargo tracking results show that container shipments from China to the US were down about 30% over their seasonal average for the past 30 days. While there is an uptick in container bookings in the past two weeks many are predicting that volumes are likely to stay below the seasonal averages for the next few months. Chinese Government officials are reporting that many larger factories have gotten back to work with some reporting over 80% over their workers having returned. Many companies are being forced to utilize temporary labor and are paying a premium to keep their staffing levels where they are needed.

Many companies who moved their manufacturing operations to other countries (Vietnam, India, Thailand an others) are reporting that they are struggling to obtain raw materials and parts since China is still the top supplier for these items. This is expected to continue for the next month or two and could mean shipping delays from other countries outside of China.

Shipping Delays Still Occurring

Ocean Carriers are still having “blank” (cancelled) sailings and shipping capacity has been reduced as demand has dropped. Carriers are looking to prop up rates and reduce losses even in this soft market. Rate fluctuations are occurring and importers would be wise to check rates and confirm validity dates before being “surprised” with added costs. With the cancelled sailings importers may see a higher likelihood of “rolled” (delayed) containers in the coming weeks and months.

Does Your Company Have a BCP?

Since the Coronavirus has come onto the global scene many companies have had to make last minute decisions in order to deal with problems cropping up in the supply chain. The old adage rings true, it is far better to be proactive than reactive, and a number of companies are taking steps to develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to protect their business in this challenging time. Is your company prepared?

An important part of any business plan should be contingencies to deal with issues that impact your supply chain. Our company has the experience to help! Contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation so we can discuss your unique business model and we can offer suggestions that may help your company avoid risks and dangers. Contact us at

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