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China Port Backlog Said to be Clearing

Reports coming in from the larger China ports are showing that they have been able to clear some of the backlog of containers that have been accumulating while pending export. This bit of good news will hopefully mean that in the next few weeks we’ll see even more cargo leaving those ports bound for the U.S.

One issue that remains is the availability of truckers. One port official said that normally they have over 20,000 active truckers in their port limits but recently they had as few as 700 working. However, in the past week over 8,000 truckers have reported for work meaning that this bottleneck should be clearing as well.

Don’t Miss Out on China Duty Exclusions

Many companies are paying the 25% additional duty on products they import from China but did you know that over 1,800 products are excluded from this additional duty? The list of excluded products has grown in the past month and importers are strongly encouraged to see if any of their products many be excluded.

We can help! We offer a service to importers where we review your HTS codes and help identify potential exclusions. If you have products that qualify we can help you recover the refunds you are due. Time is short! Now is the time to act.

Don’t miss out! If you want more information simply email us at

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