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Container cargo rollovers at major ports increase 75% in December

January 20, 2021

(Seatrade - Maritime) Average rollover rates at ports surveyed by Ocean Insights increased to 37% in December and in some ports went past the 50% mark. The level of rollovers is calculated on the basis of percentage of cargo from a line that left port on a different vessel than originally scheduled.

The figures from Ocean Insights illustrate the impact the collapse in demand in the first half of last year followed by a 30% surge in demand in the second half of 2020, and a resulting shortage of containers that has left shippers scrambled for equipment to ship their goods in.

“Of the 20 global ports for which Ocean Insights collates data, 75% saw an increase in the levels of rollover cargo in December compared to the previous month,” said Ocean Insights coo Josh Brazil.

“Major transhipment facilities such as Port Klang in Malaysia and Colombo in Sri Lanka recorded 50% or more of cargo delayed, with the world’s largest transhipment hub in Singapore and leading primary ports such as Shanghai and Busan rolling over more than a third of their containers, last month.”

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What is Rolled Cargo?

Rolled cargo is cargo that could not be loaded onto the vessel it was scheduled to sail on because that vessel ran out of capacity. See below for information on what happens to your rolled cargo and how you can lessen the chances of your cargo being rolled.

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