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Container Shipping Challenges Remain

September 1, 2020

Container Shipping Challenges Remain

Container shipping remains a challenge due to record-high rates and booking space restrictions and this situation will likely not improve any time soon. Here are some important points to note and take into consideration as you make your import decisions in the coming months:

  • Rates are high now and likely to increase further through the next few months. Increases of $500 or more per container are likely in the next month or two.

  • Space is very tight and importers are encouraged to work with their suppliers to ensure that they make their bookings as early as possible.

  • Many ports in China have container shortages meaning that getting an empty container to load for export can be a challenge. Again early bookings will help.

  • US rail companies are short-staffed due to lay-offs and delays with the rail system are anticipated to continue into the foreseeable future. Delays of a few days to a week or more have been seen.

  • Containers moving via Canadian ports / rail to the US are also experiencing delays.

The key is to plan ahead and keep up to date on the latest situation by communicating with your freight forwarder and suppliers. If you have any questions please contact us at

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