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Corona Virus Leads to China Shipping Slowdown

Importers beware, due to the steps in place to help contain the Corona virus in China production in China-based factories is running far behind schedule and ocean carriers are warning of more cancelled sailings in the coming weeks and perhaps longer. This article from the Wall Street Journal is important reading for all involved in international trade -

So what should you do to help limit the disruption in your supply chain? Order early and communicate with your supplier to get accurate estimates on production times and cargo availability. Stay in touch with your freight agent (Customs Broker or Freight Forwarder) to help ensure that when your cargo is ready to ship they'll be able to help you secure space on the earliest possible sailing. Communicate with your customers; though most everyone has heard of this virus many don't understand its impact on the international supply chain and the ripple effect that may last for months.

We're here to help answer your questions and we offer a free analysis of your supply chain so that we can help identify ways you could save time and money. Contact us today at

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