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Duty Exclusions, Brazilian Steel, Malaysian Medical Gloves, and Australia and U.S. Talks

Monday Morning Wake Up Call - August 3, 2020

As of Sunday, August 2nd there has been no announcement from the US Trade Representative’s Office regarding an extension to the August 7th expiration date for a large number of products from China that have been excluded to date from the 25% additional duty.

We are closely monitoring the situation and we will share any updates as soon as they are announced. We remain hopeful but no one can predict how this will play out.

Brazil's steelmakers say U.S. is pressuring to lower export quotas

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazilian steelmakers’ trade group Iabr on Monday said the United States is pressuring Brazil to reduce its exports of unfinished steel, part of a long fight between both countries.

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Australia tells U.S. it has no intention of injuring important China ties

The United States and close ally Australia held high-level talks on China and agreed on the need to uphold a rules-based global order, but the Australian foreign minister stressed Canberra’s relationship with Beijing was important and it had no intention of hurting it.

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Top Glove has petitioned against import ban, U.S. Customs says

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Leading medical glove maker Top Glove Corporation (TPGC.KL) has submitted information to prove it did not use forced labour, a U.S. Customs official said on Wednesday, following an import ban on the company.

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