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Duty Exclusions, Refunds Await Importers

More Items Excluded From Additional China Duties

The U.S. Trade Representative’s Office recently published new exclusions for certain products from the additional China duties. Importers are urged to check this list closely to determine if their products many qualify. The latest list can be found here -

A few things to note regarding these duty exclusions:

  1. These exclusions are retroactive to the date that the additional duty was originally assessed however due to Customs’ refund filing deadlines some entries may be time-barred from being eligible for duty refunds. Importers need to act quickly to ensure they recover the refunds they are due.

  2. Importers must file either Post-Summary Corrections (PSC) or Protests in order to receive the refunds they are due. Customs does not take unilateral action to issue these refunds and importers who do not file for refunds will lose those refunds.

  3. You don’t have to work with the Customs Broker who filed the entries to request refunds, in fact our company has helped clients recover millions in duty refunds with many of those refunds on entries filed by other Customs Brokers.

  4. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT before it is TOO LATE to recover the refunds your company may be due.

We’re here to help you recover your refunds – contact us today at for assistance.

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