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East Coast Ports Get More Shipping Volumes as Trade Routes Change

(WSJ) The trade rift with China and a boost in e-commerce are changing the way cargo comes into the U.S., with a greater share of goods flowing into East Coast seaports rather than the traditional gateways on the West Coast.

The arrival of the 15,000-container ship CMA CGM Brazil in New York last weekend, the biggest container vessel ever to call on the East Coast, signals a growing change to meet the needs of e-commerce giants like Inc. and Walmart Inc. that are taking more space on ships and looking for faster and cheaper cargo movements.

“The shift started before Covid, with the tariff friction with China,” said Sam Ruda, port director at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. “The West Coast, which has been dominated by Asia trade, is losing market share. The East Coast is growing because we have Asia trade, European trade, the Mediterranean trade and the Caribbean trade.”

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