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Importers could miss refunds, exclusions and face antidumping duty “trap” if not careful

Monday Morning Wake Up Call – July 6, 2020

Large Number of China Duty Exclusions “May” Expire on August 7th

A large number of items imported from China that are currently excluded from the 25% additional duty may soon be subject to that additional duty unless the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office extends the expiration date for those exclusions. The USTR will likely begin announcing those extensions, if any, within the next week or two. Based on past history it may come down to the last minute before we see whether or not extensions will be granted leaving importers of these products in a challenging situation.

Importers can find the latest list of exclusions and determine the expiration date for their products by visiting this website - Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or require further details.

The Danger of the Antidumping Duty “Trap”

Antidumping duties are assessed on a wide-range of imported products and these additional duties can range as high as 200% or more of the value of the imported product. Recently a growing number of investigations have been initiated by the US Government and more of these high duties could be assessed on products in the coming months. It is challenging for importers and their Customs Brokers to keep up with the growing number of cases and the information flow from the US Government agencies to the importing community can be slow and sporadic. What is an importer to do?

First, it is wise to consult with your Customs Broker or a trade professional before importing a new product to investigate the duties and regulations that apply to a product to limit “surprises.” Due diligence is key to preventing these unwelcome surprises and additional costs. Importers can also go to the US International Trade Administration’s page which has a searchable database of countries and products that may be subject to both antidumping and countervailing duties -

For importers looking to find out more about these additional duties the law firm Sandler Travis offers a webinar on July 14th regarding this topic – more information can be found here -

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions –

Is Your Company Missing Out on Duty Refunds They May Be Due?

We have helped our clients require millions of dollars of refunds from China duty for products that have received exclusions. We can help you file retroactive claims too – don’t miss out as deadlines to recover your duties are quickly approaching. Contact us today for more details.

Please contact us for further information or questions –

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