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Law Firm Publishes Guide to Impact of COVID on Government Regulatory Actions, FDA Releases EUA lists

Monday Morning Wake Up

August 24, 2020

Law Firm Publishes Guide to Impact of COVID on Government Regulatory Actions

The law firm Thompson Hine provides a beneficial guide to the impact of COVID for doing business with a number of countries. Please check out the link below for more details.

FDA Authorized PPE Table

To help address concerns about availability during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA has issued EUAs for certain PPE products including face shields, other barriers, and respiratory protective devices such as respirators. Additionally, the FDA has issued recommendations and policies about PPE which can be found here:

To Read More:

FDA Emergency Use Authorization FQA

During a public health emergency, the FDA can use its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) authority to allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products, to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases when certain criteria are met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives

To Read More:

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