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Maersk collaborating to ‘alleviate supply chain pain points’

December 29, 2020

Maersk collaborating to ‘alleviate supply chain pain points’

(American Shipper) Maersk said it is taking container congestion and intermodal equipment scarcity seriously and addressing “the concerns of the U.S. export community and the trucking industry feeling the impact during this already difficult time.”

Maersk North America said in a press release Monday that as a result of “surging U.S. imports and the resulting intermodal equipment flow imbalances, all members of the logistics sector have been challenged to find solutions. Maersk senior officials have stated that this is a situation the company takes very seriously. Every component of Maerk’s integrated global logistics business model is working across the entire logistics spectrum to respond with solutions involving all supply chain participants.”

The statement quoted CEO Soren Skou as saying Maersk is working with the Federal Maritime Commission, Agriculture Transportation Coalition, Harbor Trucking Association on the West Coast and the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers on the East Coast “to find new and better ways to serve their needs. As the global integrator of container logistics, we are confident that we can find workable solutions that will alleviate supply chain pain points.”

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