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Maersk Essen loses containers, sails for Mexico

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Maersk Essen lost 750 containers overboard Saturday en route from China to Los Angeles. (Photo: Flickr/kees torn)

January 23, 2021

(American Shipper) It’s happened again. Hundreds of containers carrying goods such as furniture, fitness equipment and electronics have fallen overboard from a California-bound ship.

This time it was the Maersk Essen en route from Xiamen, China, to the Port of Los Angeles last Saturday when, according to the ocean carrier, the container ship experienced a “rough sea encounter.”

The Danish-flagged Essen, with a capacity of 13,100 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), sails on Maersk’s TP6 Asia-U.S. West Coast service. The Essen “experienced heavy seas during her North Pacific crossing,” Maersk said, “resulting in the loss of approximately 750 containers overboard.”

“All crewmembers are safe and a detailed cargo assessment is ongoing while the vessel continues on her journey,” Maersk said in its brief media release issued Wednesday.

It had been unclear when the Maersk Essen would berth at the Port of LA. Some reports had it arriving as early as Friday, but San Pedro Bay is filled with container ships waiting to berth and port congestion apparently is worsening. The Los Angeles Times reported that 45 vessels were anchored outside the ports of LA and Long Beach on Tuesday. That’s up double digits from the 32 at anchor a week earlier.

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