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Maritime Regulator Hit by Cyberattack, Data Possibly Stolen in Last Weeks CMA CGM Cyberattack

International Maritime Organization is the second shipping entity attacked by hackers in the past week

(WSJ) The International Maritime Organization, the United Nations arm that regulates global shipping, said its London headquarters has been hit by a cyberattack that brought down its website and internal web-based services.

The regulator was hit “by a sophisticated cyberattack against the organization’s IT systems that overcame robust security measures in place,” the IMO said on Thursday. “IMO technicians shut down key systems to prevent further damage from the attack.”

The hack was the latest in what appear to be a increasing number of cyberattacks on companies and organizations around the world this year. It follows a malware attack that hit containership company CMA CGM SA last weekend, crippling the French carrier’s booking and electronic communications network.

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Container Shipping Line CMA CGM Says Data Possibly Stolen in Cyberattack

(WSJ) CMA CGM SA said some of its data may have been stolen after a malware attack that forced the global container line to shut down its main booking platform, delay cargo deliveries and halt electronic communications with clients and customs authorities.

“We suspect a data breach and are doing everything possible to assess its potential volume and nature,” a company spokeswoman said Wednesday.

France-based CMA CGM, the world’s fourth-largest container shipping line by capacity, said late Tuesday that the cyberattack over the weekend on two of its Asia-Pacific subsidiaries was being contained and that “all communications to and from the CMA CGM Group are secure, including emails, transmitted files and electronic data interchange interfaces.”

The company said in a customer advisory that it had suspended access to electronic bookings through its websites to protect customers. It said all cargo booked before Sept. 27 was secure, but later bookings will be processed as soon as possible.

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