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Mattress Prices Could Skyrocket, Trump Threatens China with New Sanctions Over Covid-19 Handling

Trump Threatens Sanctions Against China Over COVID19

The Trump Administration has accused China of not being totally forthright regarding the origins of the COVID19 virus and is threatening to take further actions that may include punitive duties against products made in China. While these are only threats at this point knowing how quickly the Section 301 duties were assessed by the Administration importers would be wise to closely monitor the news to see if today’s threats turn into tomorrow’s tariff actions.

Mattress Imports May Be Subject to Significant Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties

US mattress manufacturers and labor unions have filed 8 cases with the US International Trade Commission and Department of Commerce seeking the assessment of extremely high additional duties on mattress imports from a number of countries.

More information can be found in a recent article in the trade publication “Bed Times” at this link The potential duties range as high as 1,008% on mattresses made in Vietnam. Importers of these mattresses are urged to be sure their voices are heard as the investigations move forward.

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