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Millions in Refunds Await Importers, Trucking Industry Impact, Duty Deferral Possibilities

Industry Heavily Impacted by COVID19

The American Trucking Association has set up a website for updates regarding the impact of COVID19 on the trucking industry. Companies who rely on our truckers to deliver their cargo should check this site to find out the latest information and see how their deliveries may be impacted.

WSJ and Bloomberg Report Trump Administration “May” Offer Duty Deferral – But So Far Nothing Official Has Been Published

It was reported in the Wall Street Journal and on last week that the Administration would soon announce a duty deferral program regarding imports into the US. At this point this appears to only be speculation as nothing official has come forth from DC yet. We are monitoring this situation and will share the latest updates as they become available.

Importers May Be Missing Out on Millions

Importers that paid additional duties for imports from China may be entitled to refunds on duties paid on certain products. The US Trade Representative’s Office has approved China duty exclusions for a number of products and importers MUST take steps immediately in order to secure the refunds they may be due. Our company can help answer your questions and can even help you apply for the refunds your company may be owed. We’ve helped customers recover millions of dollars in duties and our fees are VERY reasonable. Don’t wait until it is too late, contact us today –

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