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New China Duty Exclusions

March 25, 2020 – IMPORT UPDATE

- Importers are encouraged to check the below link for the latest China duty exclusions. If you need assistance in determining if your products may qualify for an exclusion please feel free to contact us at

- REMEMBER, exclusions are retroactive and importers are recovering millions of dollars in previously paid additional China duties. Don’t miss out!

- Exclusion link found here -

Importers Are Encouraged to Submit Comments in Support of China Duty Suspension

- The USTR Office is soliciting public comments regarding the possible suspension of China duties to help US companies in light of the Coronavirus economic slowdown.

- Importers can submit their comments via the USTR portal found here -

Airlines Make More Cuts in Scheduled Flights – Further Reductions Possible

- International and domestic flights have been drastically cut resulting in a huge reduction in available cargo space for both international and domestic shipments.

- Rates have risen substantially and space can be very hard to find.

- Shippers are encouraged to book early and to be ready for possible delays.

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