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Production Capacity, Tariffs, and Coronavirus Woes set the Stage for Supply Chain Challenges

March 16, 2020

· Corona Virus Update

With the US taking more drastic steps to control the spread of the virus many companies appear to be exercising caution in placing new orders. Chinese factories are reporting that while they are gearing up their production capacity the volume of orders from the US and Europe seem to be lower than average for this time of year.

Carriers continue to roll bookings and still have a number of blank (cancelled) sailings. Those space in restricted reports are that rates have declined and further reductions are possible due to continued soft demand.

US travel restrictions on passengers from most European countries for the next 30 days will not directly impact cargo movement but the reduction in flights will impact cargo space.

· U.S. / China Trade War Update

New tariff exclusions were announced this past and importers are encouraged to check to see if any of their products may qualify. Go to for the latest list. Contact our office for assistance in recovering any refunds you may be due or if you have any questions –

· Warehousing and Distribution Challenges May Be on the Horizon

With the US taking steps to contain the virus and slow its spread warehouses have reported some challenges involving labor shortages. With many school systems closed parents are having to make tough decisions whether to report to work or care for their children, and as the number of those sick with the virus will increase in the coming weeks expect this trend to continue. Communicate with your third-party warehouses and distribution partners now so that you are best prepared to deal with fluctuations in the supply chain.

· Airlines Announce Further Flight Cancellations

Airlines are the world are making significant reductions in passenger flights and since a large percentage of air cargo travels on passenger flights space issues are expected to grow and rates may see an upward trend.

· Recovering Overpaid Duties Helping Some Companies Secure Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in “Found Money”

Companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenues and there are many ways to find “found money” if one takes the time to look. We offer a supply chain review that can help you find ways to cut costs and even ways to recover duties you have paid to Customs. We have helped our clients recover millions in “found money” and would love the opportunity to help you too. We offer a FREE phone consultation to discuss your business and identify possible ways to save money. Please contact us at

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