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Tariff Exclusions Set to Expire

Importers of products from China that qualified for additional duty exclusions may soon end up paying the 25% additional duty as a number of exclusions are set to expire on March 24th.

The tariff exclusions were granted for a one year period and exclusions granted in March of 2019 will soon expired followed closely by the April 2019 exclusions which will expire in April of 2020.

I have spoken with the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office and they advise that they are considering renewals or extensions on some of the exclusions (though they won’t disclose which ones) but that they expect the majority of the exclusions to end on their scheduled end date.

I asked them if importers would have the opportunity to request further exclusions and they said at this time that was not planned however “it is hard to say what the future holds.” It appears uncertainty will be the key word for months to come in the import trade.

Every importer should take the time to review their HTS numbers and see if they qualify for any of the active exclusions. New exclusions are being added at least monthly in many cases so it pays to check frequently.

Our company offers an exclusion tracking service where we can review your HTS number against the current exclusion list and also monitor the new exclusions to see if you may qualify. Our fee for this service is quite reasonable and if you want more information simply email us at

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