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The saga of the damaged vessel Maersk Essen continues

The saga of the damaged vessel Maersk Essen continues as the vessel just arrived in the port of Lazaro Cardenas for inspection and repairs. This process is estimated to take a few weeks and Maersk has stated their plan is to move the vessel onward to LA port once the inspection and repairs are completed so that the containers can be offloaded and sent to their final destinations. Maersk just stated “All going well, the intention remains for the Maersk Essen to then call Los Angeles to deliver the cargo that is unaffected. At this point in time we are not anticipating the need to reroute the cargo from Lazaro Cardenas by land (rail) or alternate vessel, but we cannot rule out any option until the contingency plan is finalized.”

This is the fourth vessel in the past few months that lost containers overboard during storms at sea, a stern reminder of the uncertainties involved in international shipping and the necessity for cargo insurance to help cover those risks.

We’ve heard unofficially that Maersk is showing a new ETA into the Los Angeles port around March 1st. Please note that due to problems at the LA port the unloading of vessels is often delayed so even once the ship reaches LA it may be days or weeks before it is finally unloaded. Stay tuned.

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