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UPDATE: Photos show ONE Apus Carnage, Cargo Insurance needed more than ever

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

December 8, 2020

A photo shows the ONE Apus as it arrived into view in Kobe, Japan, December 8, 2020. Photo: Twitter @mrnkA4srnrA

UPDATE: ONE Apus Photos Show Cargo Carnage as Containership Arrives in Kobe

(GCaptain)The MV ONE Apus sailed into Japan’s Osaka Bay on Tuesday giving us a first good view of the devastation on board the ship after it lost nearly 2,000 containers in a Pacific Ocean storm.

The ship arrived at Rokk Island at the Port of Kobe on Tuesday morning, AIS ship tracking showed.

We’re also getting a better idea today of the hazardous cargo lost from the vessel. An update Monday from the ship’s owners and managers confirmed the contents of the 64 Dangerous Goods containers, which were among more the 1,816 containers lost or damaged after the vessel encountered heavy weather on November 30 as it sailed from Asia to the U.S. West Coast.

According to the update, 54 of the Dangerous Goods containers carried fireworks, eight held batteries and two contained liquid ethanol.

To date, there have been no sightings of containers in the water.

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A photo shows the ONE Apus as it arrived into view in Kobe, Japan, December 8, 2020. Photo: Twitter @mrnkA4srnrA


With the recent news of the loss of upwards of 1,900 containers on a vessel that weathered a huge Pacific storm it’s a good time to consider what your company would do if you got word that your containers were damaged or lost at sea. Considering that steamship lines have VERY limited liability for loss or damage every importer should consider obtaining cargo insurance. The cost of cargo insurance is very reasonable and who can put a price on peace of mind? If you have questions regarding cargo insurance please contact Steve Fodor at for further assistance.

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