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Urgent: Responses needed as US Customs Considers Duty Deferrals

Duty Payment Deferral

U.S. Customs sent out a message to customs brokers late Friday with news of a potential duty deferral due to the economic impact of Coronavirus. Details are VERY sketchy at the moment but we should hear more from Customs this week Watch for further blog posts for more details – sign up for our blog today to ensure you get the latest news and information.

US Trade Representative’s Office Soliciting Comments Regarding the Possible Suspension of Section 301 Duties

The U.S. Trade Representative’s Office has announced they are soliciting public comments regarding the possible suspension of the Section 301 (China duties) due to the economic impact of the Corornavirus. Importers are strongly encouraged to send their comments in support of this suspension. Share how the additional 25% duties are impacting your company and how the suspension of those duties would be beneficial for your company in this trying economic time.

Comments should be submitted via the USTR website at

Recovering Overpaid Duties Helping Some Companies Secure Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in “Found Money” – Don’t Miss Out!

Companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenues and there are many ways to find “found money” if one takes the time to look. We offer a supply chain review that can help you find ways to cut costs and even ways to recover duties you have paid to Customs. We have helped our clients recover millions in “found money” and would love the opportunity to help you too. We offer a FREE phone consultation to discuss your business and identify possible ways to save money. Please contact us at

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