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US Trade Representative’s Office Opens Investigation on Imports from Vietnam

The USTR has announced the initiation of Section 301 trade investigations involving the importation of products from Vietnam. The Section 301 regulation allows the USTR to impose punitive duties against countries they believe are violating fair and open trade policies. This is the regulation that was used in assessing additional duties of up to 25% upon many products from China. There is the risk that additional duties could be imposed on products from Vietnam once these investigations are completed – NOW is the time for importers to have their voice heard regarding the investigations.

Importers of products from Vietnam are encouraged to review the Federal Register Notices linked below and to comment to the USTR within the comment deadline of November 12th. Please contact Steve Fodor at if you have any specific questions.

Remember these are new investigations and much will depend on the findings of the USTR and the political climate after the U.S. General Election. Again now is the time to speak up if you want your comments to be considered.

Please contact us for further information or questions –

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