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USTR Announces Additional Duty on European Products Amid Covid Crisis Trade Uncertainty

Monday Morning Wake Up Call

August 17, 2020

Port of Oakland Maritime Director States “Trade Outlook Remains Unclear” Due To COVID Crisis

While the Port of Oakland reported increased freight volumes in July the Maritime Director in the Port expressed caution in taking this to mean that trade will continue to uptick.

More information can be found at the article linked here -

US Trade Rep’s Office Announces Changes Regarding Additional “Airbus” Duty on European Products

Importers of a wide-range of products from EU countries should carefully review the updated message from the USTR regarding the 25% additional duties assessed on certain products from the EU countries. The notice can be found at the link below. This is a fluid situation subject to change and considering US Administration threats to increase the additional duty to a rate of 100% this could change drastically without much advance notice. Stay tuned!

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