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What will a Biden Presidency mean for Trade?

Monday Morning Wake Up Call

November 9, 2020

How Biden’s Win Affects Commodities Hit by Trade Wars, Tariffs

(Bloomberg) It’s been a tumultuous four years for U.S. commodity industries that found themselves a key focus of the White House through its aggressive trade policy agenda.

From steel and aluminum tariffs to grain subsidies to boosting exports of liquefied natural gas, very few corners of the global commodities market eluded Donald Trump’s attention. There was at least one memo, executive order, pronouncement or tweet bringing some sort of attention to uranium, soybeans, and rare earths, the kinds of materials that haven’t received attention from American presidents in years.

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How will Joe Biden change US trade relations?

(BBC) Chinese handbags, French wine and Scottish cashmere: all have been weaponised by President Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed tariff man.

In his attempt to put "America first" - for jobs and profits - the president liberally applied tariffs, charges to imports, from those nations he judged as trying to give their producers an unfair advantage - with few discernible benefits to his home territory.

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How much of difference will a change of guard in the White House make to American trade policy? Will that long-awaited US-UK trade deal finally be struck? And can Italian parmesan makers catch a break?

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Biden’s Shipping Agency Nominee Could Prove Crucial To US Climate Change Plans

(Forbes) In the upcoming months, there will be around 4000 appointments for the Biden-Harris team to make, 1212 of which will require a Senate confirmation.

One of the less prominent roles is that of the US Shipping Administrator within the Department of Transportation (a role known as the US Maritime Administrator or MARAD).

This position has historically been overlooked, but may prove to be a critical appointment in order for the Biden-Harris team to succeed with their climate change plans.

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